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List of File Extensions

This page lists the filename extensions, or suffixes, used in the source code.

File Extension      File Type

.a                          UNIX static library file.

.asm                         Non-UNIX assembler source file

.asp                          Active Server Page.

.awk                         An awk script file.

.bat                          MS-DOS batch file.

.bmp                        Bitmap image file.

.btm                         4NT batch file.

.BTM                         4NT batch file.

.c                              C language file.

.class                        Compiled java source code file.

.cmd                         Compiler command file.

.CPP                         C++ language file.

.csv                           Comma-separated value file.

.cur                           Cursor image file.

.cxx                           C++ language file.

.db                            Module interface and type descriptions database file (type library).

.def                           Win32 li…

Google IO 2017 Hightlights

Google I/O 2017 is a major event for all Google watchersIt's where the firm reveals what it's been working on in the past year and gives a glimpse at what's to come.
Here's what Google announced at the keynote last night:
AI chips
In December 2016, Google publicly revealed how it was using specially designed 
artificial intelligence chips to improve its translation services in that way.The new unit 
has been designed to be able to handle machine learning training and the firm 
says it is able to deliver 180 teraflops of the performance.
Smart reply in Gmail

All Gmail users are now they can able to use a machine learning system that
reads messages and suggests replies. For example, if a question is asked within 
an email the system will recommend a response. The feature was first launched 
on Google Inbox but has now been expanded. The smart reply system will be 
available in the iOS and the Android Gmail apps.
Google Assistant on iPhone

Google is stepping on Siri's doorstep with…