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Top 10 Google Search Engine Tricks

Google Search Engine cool and awesome Tricks (Top 10)
Trick No 1 :  Go to google search engine and type following keyword "do  barrel                    roll " and press 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button

                   Google act like a barrel roll

Trick No 2 : Type "google gravity" and press 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button
google loose that gravity everything will fell down

Trick No 3 : Type "play breakout on google" and press 'I'm Feeling Lucky
button, google will display a game to play !!

Trick No 4 : Type "google sphere" on google search bar and press 'I'm Feeling 
Lucky' , and google change into as sphere, we move mouse around everything 
move to us.

Trick No 5: Type "google packman" on google search bar and press 'I'm 
Feeling Lucky' , we can able to play packman game into google 

Trick No 6 : Type "google rainbow" on google and press  'I'm 
Feeling Lucky' after that…

Block certain websites from google search result