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How to stop your smartphone overheating?

Heating up and device getting bursted is not uncommon now, as we see several related things happening around. But let’s dig in to check what causes this. Lithium batteries have what we call it as “thermal runaway”. It is a situation where an already heating up battery makes it worse by generating more heat. How much ever the companies try to make adevice compact, maintaining all the safety for the battery, that isn’t enough to keep the opposite sides far, and the battery too doesn’t get space to properly dissipate the heat out.
It is altogether a different case if you are noticing heat while charging the phone overnight or for a long time, but if you see it getting heated for even gaming or using it with active screen for a long time, you might have to blame not just the battery but several other factors.

how to hack unsecured wifi no rooted?

AndroDumpper is an application that you can use to find out if your access point is vulnerable to WPS protocol. As usual, the application lets you carry out this check on any network, but it's recommended to use it exclusively on your own.

 AndroDumpper is an application with some really interesting features. Not only does it let you verify the security of your point of access, but it also lets you see all the passwords for all the WiFi networks that you have connected to from that Android device.

What is google adwords and its overview?

Course Overview       Google AdWords is one of the most useful means of bringing traffic to a website. With Google Adwords, you can drive profitable, reliable, consistent traffic to your website or landing pages every single day. Google AdWords offers Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns for which you pay nothing unless a searcher clicks on the ads. Your ads are displayed to users who are searching specifically for what your business offers. Google displays your advertising message in the top search results and enables you to reach out to customers at the very moment they are ready to make a purchase. Throughout this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn all the elements that go into creating an effective ad campaign that earns you high returns on investment. You will learn everything from setting up your first Google Ad campaign to Campaign Optimization to Advanced Features & Techniques to Google Analytics & Platforms. You will have a firm grasp of the f…